The harvest dates below represent the day your steer will be brought to the processor. Allowing for dry-aging and cutting, the delivered dates indicate when it will be scheduled for delivery to your home or drop off area.

The harvest dates below are listed in the drop-down menu of our order form for you to select from. Please see how to order to get on our schedule.

A strikethrough on a date means it has been sold out

Spring – 2023

     Harvested                                      Delivered

  • March 6th                                             March 25th
  • March 27th                                    April 15th
  • April 10th                                       April 29th
  • April 24th                                      May 13th
  • May 1st                                           May 20th
  • May 15th                                         June 3rd

Fall – 2023

     Harvested                                        Delivered

  • September 11th                             September 30th
  • September 25th                             October 14th
  • October 9th                                     October 28th
  • October 23rd                                   November 11th
  • November 6th                                 November 25th
  • November 20th                               December 9th