“Heather, your butcher really knows what he is doing. The ground beef is mixed to perfection and the steak cuts are so consistent. I will be reordering.”

Jeff R – Albuquerque, NM


Our beef is custom processed locally

We personally deliver our cattle in small numbers and a low-stress transport from our ranch directly to the processor to ensure a high-quality product.

Our beef is processed locally in Los Lunas, New Mexico.  Jaramillo’s Custom Meat Processing specializes in domestic and wild game butchery. They are family-owned and operated with over 30 years of experience in the trade. Each animal is handled individually in a quiet, clean environment, unlike the mass-production processing facilities.

Jaramillo’s Custom Meat Processing has been our processor for over a decade, and we continue to use their service because of the high level of quality and their continual dedication to customer service.


Your order is completely customizable

Not all families use their beef the same way. This is why we work directly with you when filling out your cut sheet for the processor to make sure you get the cuts of beef that best suit your cooking style. Some people prefer roasts and briskets, others want more ground beef, stew or kabob meat. Maybe you like your steaks bone-in, or maybe you prefer boneless. This is one of the most important services we offer our customers. Guiding them through the different cuts of beef and making sure they get what will be most useful for them.


Our beef is dry-aged then quick frozen to preserve freshness

After harvest, your beef is hung in the processor’s cooler and dry-aged for 14 days. This process gives the beef a delicious flavor and a tenderness not found in meat aged by other methods.  After the aging process is complete, the meat is cut and processed by professionals, according to your order specification, and immediately quick frozen to preserve freshness. Each cut of meat is double wrapped in butcher paper that is specifically designed for freezing and marked as to its contents (i.e., Ground Beef, NY Strip, Brisket, etc).


Your order is ready

When your order has been finalized you will be notified that it is ready to be scheduled for delivery, or that you can pick it up at Jaramillo’s Custom Meat Processing. Your cuts of beef come individually wrapped, labeled, and placed in heavy duty freezer bags to allow for easy transport to your freezer.


Do you deliver?

Yes. We offer free delivery to your front door within a 50 miles radius of Albuquerque or Belen.

If you are outside our home delivery radius, we can still deliver to a drop off point close to you at no charge.

  • Northern NM – Santa Fe
  • Southern NM – Truth or Consequences
  • Eastern NM – Clines Corner
  • Western NM – Laguna