What are customers are saying


Our grass-fed beef program started in 2005 for our family and friends. After repeated requests, in 2009 DSR Cattle was formed to offer those services to the general public. We have been very fortunate to have so many great customers. Below is a sample of customer reviews and comments from emails we have received over the years.


“Matt and Heather. We grilled a couple T-bones and some hamburger, since getting our side last Saturday. OMG, can’t express how spectacular the beef tastes, WOW! Never ever had any meat like it! Thank y’all for such a great experience all around. We will be ordering another 1/2 for next spring in the near future. Much appreciate the eggs too! Thanks, and blessing for all you do!”

Bob and Carol W – Rio Rancho, NM


“We were very happy to have a choice of how we wanted our order cut and packaged. The beef is tender and flavorful. Packaging is great and everything was clearly marked. Customer service is excellent. The entire experience was very pleasant. “

Arthur B – Albuquerque, NM


“I wasn’t sure what to expect ordering a steer directly from a rancher. Let me tell you what a great experience it was dealing with DSR Cattle. A few hours after I placed my order, Matt emailed me to let me know they had received my deposit and our harvest date was confirmed, and that if I had any questions to call him directly. Two weeks before our harvest date Heather called me, and my wife and I went over the cut sheet for the butcher with her. She helped us customize our order, so it worked best for us. I thought this was the best part of the process. Next, we got another email from Matt letting us know that our steer had gone in for harvest. Then we get a call from Matt a few weeks later to set up a time to deliver it to our home. The beef is really great, but the customer service is outstanding. The fact that we knew about our order at every step of the process was really nice. We will definitely be ordering again.”

Scott M – Albuquerque, NM


“We started buying from DSR because we wanted a healthy and safe source of food for our family. With prices being so unstable at the grocery stores, it’s nice to know we can buy directly from your ranch and lock in our prices each year at a discount.”

Andrea P – Albuquerque, NM


“When you’ve had beef of this quality it’s almost impossible to go back to buying from the stores.”

Paul K – Rio Rancho, NM


“Matt, thank you for making it so easy for me to get your great grass-fed beef. I grew up on a farm and my dad always grew our beef for us. Since moving to Albuquerque I’ve been looking for a service like yours. It’s like a taste of home.”

Kelly C – Albuquerque, NM


“The beef is outstanding, and the customer service is at the highest level. Well done DSR.”

Jason M – Rio Rancho, NM 


“The quality of your product is incredible. One of the best NY strips I can remember having in a long time! It really is sad what passes these days for quality beef in the stores. I will be reordering.”

Chuck G – Los Lunas, NM 


“The quality of your beef is only matched by your customer service. So easy to order. Heather was so great helping me pick out the cuts of beef that would work best for our family. Great packaging and it was delivered right to my house exactly when you said it would be.”

Brian L – Santa Fe, NM 


“I like the fact that I know where my beef comes from and who’s growing it. I’m really surprised how tender it is considering how lean the beef is.”

Pete B – Socorro, NM 


“I live close by so after I placed my order this year, I asked Matt if I could bring my daughter to the ranch to see the cattle. We went on a Saturday and what a treat. It’s an extremely professional operation, but also fun and welcoming. We got to see not just the cattle, but the horses and donkeys. They really put their heart into it.”

Brandon M – Belen, NM 


“Hey Matt, I just wanted to let you know that after we placed our order I had some friends tell us about how gamey grass-fed beef can be. We were a little nervous about what to expect. I put two T-bones on the grill after we got our order last week. Tender, flavorful and delicious. This is the way beef is supposed to taste. Thanks.”

Victor A – Rio Rancho, NM 


“I love the fact that you dry-age it for 14 days before it gets cut. It makes all the difference. Flavorful and tender. Thanks for making healthy and safe food available to us.”

Jane G – Belen, NM 


“Hey Guys, I just wanted to let you how much we love your beef. We ran out last year just as your season sold out. I bought some grass-fed beef from another grower. It was okay, but it just didn’t measure up to yours. I put a reminder on the calendar to reorder so I don’t run out again.”

Dennis P – Ruidoso, NM 


“Heather, your butcher really knows what he is doing. The ground beef is mixed to perfection and the steak cuts are so consistent. I will be reordering.”

Jeff R – Albuquerque, NM 


“I’ve bought grass-fed beef before directly from ranchers. In the past I never really got a choice of the cuts I wanted. It was just a standard cut available. We don’t cook roasts and briskets, so we always had things left over in the freezer that we didn’t use. With DSR, Heather made sure that we got all the cuts we wanted and we were able to get the roasts cut into stew and kabob meat, and extra ground beef, which we do use. Not a scrap of beef left over this year. Thanks guys.” 

Billy S – Albuquerque, NM 


“I’ve had a love hate relationship with ranch grown beef over the years. The beef we got from DSR was incredible. The next year, the same. So, I wanted to know why their beef fell into the love category. I called Matt and we got to talking when I was reordering for this year. Turns out the age of the cattle is very important for good beef. I think I was getting 2 and 3 year old cows at times and now I’m getting 15 and 16 month old steers. What a difference.”

Carol L – Las Cruces, NM 


“I like the fact that they only grow a small number of cattle each year. They focus on quality and not quantity. I feel like I’m part of a special club.”

Kevin R – Albuquerque, NM 


“I’ve been ordering from them for over 10 years. Matt tells me I’m one of their first customer outside of the family and friends that they started this program for. Consistent product and service every year. I won’t go anyplace else.”

Mike J – Albuquerque, NM 


“I forgot to reorder and we were going to run out. Matt said he would try to move things around on the schedule and see if he could get us in sooner. I come to find out later that he gave us his own slot on the schedule so we won’t run out. Who does that in this day and age? Thank you. Customer for life.”

Karen H – Tijeras, NM 


“With all the junk they put into the beef you get at the store these days you have to have your own source of SAFE beef. DSR is my source and Matt’s my beef guy.”

Ken F – Edgewood, NM 


“This is a family run operation. Matt handles the orders and tends to the cattle and Heather does the cut sheets and works with the processor. They’re a great team.”

Eric P – Corrales, NM 


“This is our first year ordering from DSR, and our first time having ranch grown grass-fed beef. We have had the steaks, ground beef and stew meat so far. Delicious! I will be reordering.”

Kathy M – Sandia Park, NM 


“I like how your program lets me select a date and then you grow and finish the steer for that date. I know I’m not getting some older animal that has been hanging around for years. A lot of places only have it in the fall. You guys have your beef available almost all year.”

Tim R – Placitas, NM 


“I’m not new to grass-fed beef. But honestly, I’m making some of the best burgers I’ve ever had. I can’t wait to make some of the jerky Heather suggested we get.”

Ryan F – Rio Rancho, NM