Farm to Table Reports

DSR Cattle presents the KKOB farm to table report on Thursdays with Host Brandon Vogt.


USDA release 2022 agriculture census data for the state of New Mexico


One company figures out how to make plant based food alternatives that aren’t unhealthy.


Tyson Foods is investing the insect protein business.




Will Product of the USA mean something again?



Plant Based Food Alternatives. Are They Better?



Advances in the agriculture industry and the future of U.S farming



The size and importance of the New Mexico pecan industry.


The inflation rate of food and whether the governments CPI numbers are really accurate.


The food pyramid and the impact it has had on the U.S. population and whether or not it is still relevant.


The recent approval of lab grown meat and the future of the industry.


The current state of the U.S. Cattle Industry.


New Mexico’s impact on the agriculture industry and its ranking in the U.S.